The Angers-Le Mans University Community

The University of Angers and Le Mans University joined forces in 2021 to create the experimental Angers-Le Mans Community of Universities and academic Establishments (COMUE).

The aim of this community is to make the most of the skills cultivated by the two founding universities; coordinate their training, research and innovation activities; and develop new joint projects to showcase the founding members, associates and partners at the national and international levels

Role and missions of the university community

Through this association, the COMUE strives to become an influential regional player and improve visibility of the training and research opportunities it offers or will soon offer in sectors of excellence. Its members will work together to become:

  • a world-class university community through the quality of its education and research,
  • a major actor in innovation and optimization to foster the region’s economic development,
  • a catalyst for social advancement through education and a resource for students seeking jobs and support throughout their lives,
  • a proponent of higher education and research and a representative of the opportunities France offers,
  • a community within which digital technology is a fount of innovation, and
  • a socially responsible community serving the balanced development of the surrounding areas.

By the numbers




campuses : Angers, Cholet, Laval, Le Mans, Saumur




doctoral students


researchers and professor-researchers


research units


innovation campus


of higher education and research in the region

Governing bodies

Rachid El Guerjouma
Rachid El Guerjouma
President of the COMUE since 2021
President and Professor of Acoustics at Le Mans Université
Didier Le Gall
Didier Le Gall
1st Vice-President since 2021
1st Vice-President and Professor of Psychology at the Université d’Angers

The Angers-Le Mans university community marks a new phase in the historic and very fruitful collaboration between the two universities. Our respective locations, recognized for their quality of life and their economic vitality, are fertile ground for innovation. The Angers-Le Mans COMUE intends to build off of the complementary strengths of the two founding members and their partners and make subjects like transitions, sustainable development and social responsibility a hallmark of its identity. Together, we want to bring higher education and research closer to the population, galvanize the socioeconomic and cultural landscape, and create an internationally renowned academic community. 

Rachid El Guerjouma, President of the COMUE

Who are the members of the COMUE ?

The Angers-Le Mans university community is composed of its two founding members: the university of Angers and Le Mans University.

In the future, other establishments will be able to join as associate members upon acceptance of the founding values of the COMUE.